geaux with all your heart

Nov 08

Day 1: Ten things you want to say to 10 different people.

1. Katie- You are my best friend in the entire world, you just are. And i can NOT wait to live together! We’re twins, best frands, sisters, soul mates. “Guys will come and they will go, but Soul mates are forever.”

2. Guy who let me down- In a weird way I’d like to thank you, for one—showing me that people are never who you think they are. and two— for making me prove to myself that I can stand up for myself and I can move on, and that it’ll all be okay. Happiness is in my own hands, not someone else’s.

3. Mom and Dad- you’re the best parents a girl could ask for. Sure we fight, a lot  and it may seem like we rarely see eye to eye. But we also laugh a lot and love a lot and i’ve seen what families can look like with out all that love and laughter, and i am so thankful to have parents like you. I love you guys until the end.

4. Alyssa- Im jealous. you truly are your own person, though i may not completely understand that person sometimes due to some of the craziness that ensues that mind of yours. i appreciate you and all of your character. You’re the most real person i know and you’re one of the best friends i’ve ever had. Cant wait for the Thanksgiving tea party!!

5. Random people reading this who probably don’t know me- What’s up? bet this isn’t nearly as thrilling as you thought it’d be huh? Sowwy. 

6. Facebook friends- No one wants to know “the first impression you made on someone” or “a confession about you” or “what color you remind them of” so PLEASE STOP it! It’s ridiculous and gets in the way of my creeping.

7. God- I don’t understand life right now, never really have. I’d appreciate it if you could throw me a bone every once in a while, you know just to give me some kind of clue and help a sister out. I know that’s not how you usually do your work, and don’t get me wrong im NOT telling you how to do your job, i just would like a sign that says “Hey Amy you’ll be fine, quit worrying.” Thanks Big Guy.

8.Taylor Swift- Can you knock it off with the love songs already? I get it, you like fairy tales, and being in love. But here’s the thing, life isn’t a fairy tale, and love isn’t easy so if you could cease and desist with the drama id be very appreciative.

9. Santa- All i want for Christmas is 5 A’s. Deal?

10. Me- Quit being stressed. Breathe. Enjoy life, quit over thinking everything. You can make it through this, you’ll get what you need, not what you want. He has a plan, just let him call the plays and you just stay in the game.